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  • Active History Website - Soliciting Papers

  • Tony Taylor (National Centre for History Education, Monash University) has recently published Denial: History Betrayed (Melbourne University Press) and, together with historian Stuart Macintyre (University of Melbourne), is currently finalising the draft history program for the Australian national curriculum, to be introduced in January 2011.  
  • The historical thinking concepts being promoted by the Benchmarks of Historical Thinking Project have been incorporated into a number of new curriculum documents in Canada. A new grade 10 interdisciplinary course entitled Newfoundland and Labrador Studies 2205 has students use the concepts of historical significance, evidence, cause and consequence, continuity and change, historical perspective, and moral judgement to deepen their sense of identity and appreciation of  Newfoundland and Labrador. And a new grade 11 History of Canada course in Manitoba embeds historical thinking concepts throughout the curriculum to provide a foundation for historical inquiry. The Ministry of Education in Prince Edward Island is currently developing a grade 12 course that will incorporate the concepts

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  • THEN|HIER Network Manager hired in 2009

  • The American Historical Association’s James Harvey Robinson Prize was awarded to the Center for History and New Media and the History Education Group at Stanford University for their interactive website Historical Thinking Matters <>.  The prize is awarded to a teaching aid that contributes to the teaching and learning of history in any field for public or educational purposes.  Historical Thinking Matters is designed to teach students how to “think historically” by critically reading primary sources and participating in authentic inquiries about key topics in U.S. history.  
  • Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness Hosts Lecture on History Education On February 9, 2009 Visiting Scholar Mario Carretero deliverd the Michael Cromer Memorial Lecture Identity Cards: The Construction of Historical Memory in a Globalized World  at the University of British Columbia.  His talk will describe, in an international context, the current situation of history teaching and its contribution to the construction of historical memory and national identity. The lecture will also discuss debates over history teaching in five countries—the United States, México and Spain, East Germany and Estonia. For specific details, please visit

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  • THEN/HiER Director Penney Clark organized and chaired the following session at the Association of Canadian Studies’ Sixth Biennial Conference on the Teaching and Learning of History, Quebec City, October 24-25, 2008: “What is the Shape and Place of Historical Thinking in High Schools?”  Presenters included: Gerald Friesen (University of Manitoba), Peter Seixas (University of British Columbia), and Mark Perry (Hampton High School, New Brunswick).  For more details, click here.
  • Historica Foundation of Canada Launches HistoryWire <>, an interactive website aimed at providing an opportunity for Canadians to participate in history as it relates to the world today through articles, blogs and video.

March 2008

  • THEN/HiER receives SSHRC Strategic Knowledge Clusters Grant.  In March 2008, Principal Applicant Penney Clark and Co-Applicants Margaret Conrad, Kevin Kee, Jocelyn Létourneau, Stéphane Lévesque, Ruth Sandwell, Peter Seixas, and Amy von Heyking received word that their November 2007 application to the SSHRC Strategic Knowledge Clusters Grant program was successful.  The grant awarded THEN/HiER with 2.1 million dollars over seven years to foster an active dialogue among a wide variety of academics, professionals and practitioners involved in history education in Canada.

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