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Canadian Heritage Survey Results

Last summer, a survey was completed by the Department of Canadian Heritage in regards to its Grants and Contributions (G&C) online portal.Here are some of the survey highlights:
5,734 clients were invited to participate in the survey. Of this number, 932 participated.
64.2% of the participants said they had used other institutions’ online grants and contributions program services in the past. This shows us that Canadian Heritage’s clients have already acquired some experience.
98% of respondents said that they would be willing to use online services offered by Canadian Heritage if they would be available. This shows us that our clients are keenly interested in this initiative.

We also received a range of comments on questions that will be explored further in the next steps of this initiative. The following is a summary of comments received:

  • “Save your application prior to submission” was identified by participants as being the most important feature, followed very closely by “Save your reports prior to submission.” These two points will be the topic of future discussions.
  • The question concerning “Manage client account and user profile” should be looked at more closely to understand clients’ needs in their operational environment.
  • “Online access to templates” and “Track the progress of your application” were also among the features which generated a great deal of interest.

Next steps. In early 2015, a series of focus groups will be led with a sample of clients who have demonstrated an interest in participating in this type of activity to evaluate portal functionalities. Similar activities will also be carried out during the multi-year project.


From the MAS E-Phemera Newsletter - January 22, 2015