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Cuts to Archives programming in Canada

The Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) first received federal support in 1986 and, over the last twenty six years, the CCA's distribution of federal funding has efficiently and successfully supported the development and advancement of archives in communities throughout Canada.

National Archival Development Program (NADP) Termination

On April 30, 2012, Library and Archives Canada eliminated the $1.71M National Archival Development Program (NADP).

NADP is a program with direct positive impact on Canadians in their own communities. The elimination of NADP will have a far reaching and devastating impact across Canada since we are now facing the collapse of the Canadian Archival System comprised of Provincial/Territorial Councils and their members in historical societies, religious archives, municipal archives, Aboriginal archives, ethnic minority archives, educational archives, etc. – a system that is critical to the 150th Anniversary of Confederation which we will celebrate in less than five years from now.

Immediate Results of NADP Termination

NADP impact across Canada is wide spread:
· 6 people at the CCA Secretariat are losing their jobs
· 11 archives advisors across Canada are losing their jobs
· Several Provincial and Territorial Archives Councils have suspended operations and 11/13 will collapse within 30 days to 6 months
· 90 projects for 2012-2013 have been cancelled which will result in job losses at 74 archival institutions
· The national office at 130 Albert Street, shared premises with the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) and the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA), is closing. CHA and ACA are required to relocate their
national offices.
· Operations that support the development of, the national catalogue[1] of archival descriptions, are endangered.
· The management assistance to the National Archival Appraisal Board (NAAB) and the North American Archival Network International Council on Archives (NAANICA) is threatened.

Examples of recent NADP success

NADP in 2010-2011
· 89 projects were completed
· Total cost of the projects was $2,521,044
· NADP resources invested was 40.6%
· The Canadian archival community invested 59.4%
· 378,878 items digitized
· 590.66 m of records and 65,343 photographs, 4.844 audio visual items, 9,652 other items (maps, plans, etc…) were described and made accessible to Canadians
· 142 individuals were employed NADP in 2009-2010
· 85 projects were completed
· Total cost of the projects was $2,459,142
· NADP resources invested was 41%
· The Canadian archival community invested 59%
· 365,473 items digitized
· 567.47 m of records and 88,530 items were described and made accessible to Canadians
· 114 individuals were employed

NADP funds the following activities across Canada:
· Outreach and educational activities in communities to help small institutions manage their treasures
· Development of the national on-line catalogue of archival descriptions, and its provincial and territorial counterparts, so all archives, including the very small, can reach Canadians
· Provision of archival and preservation advice to archives
· Job exposure for new graduates from Canada’s archival and information studies programs
· Access to archival holdings information on-line
· Cataloguing of archival materials to make them accessible to the public
· Training opportunities for local archives run by volunteers or one-person operations
· Site assessments to both urban and rural archives, to safeguard Canada’s documentary heritage
· Preservation of at-risk documents and other archival materials, including electronic records