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Underwater Chinatown: Digital Stories available online

Underwater Chinatown: Digital Stories is a series of artist-facilitated community digital storytelling workshops focused on unearthing alternative histories of Vancouver’s Chinatown. Participants of the workshops researched and discovered the cultural currents that connect them to Chinatown's past and present, learned how to create story boards, craft an engaging story, record voice overs, perform basic audio editing and produced their own digital audio Chinatown stories. The digital audio stories premiered at the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum on December 19, 2015. Since then the stories are available for listeners at

- A Little Chinatown Up North by Joys Chow
- Me, My Great-Grandma and Chinatown by Sophie Fung
- Yip Sang – What Kind of a Man? by Godfrey Tang & Joanna Kobylka
- Mah Society Kung Fu History by Edmund Ma
- Legendary Chinese Hat Lady by Dan Seto
- Chinatown in the 70s by Dan Seto
- Yolanda’s Story by Yolanda Li and Shelby Tay
- When I Think of Chinatown by Jessica Whu
- Alan’s Story by Alfred Woo
- Moments Worth Savouring by Bob Sung and Elizabeth Cheong
- Excerpts from "The Lion Men Revisited" by Lance Lim

Partially funded by the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, the Underwater Chinatown Community Art Project is co-presented by Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver and Cinevolution Media Arts Society. Digital media instructor: Catrina Longmuir. We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.Special thanks: Larry Wong and Shelby Tay.


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