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War Story, a new landmark television series featuring little-known stories of Canadians in combat

WAR  STORY  is a new, landmark, television series for HISTORY featuring little-known stories of Canadians in combat, told entirely by the men and women who were there.

Each episode of  WAR  STORY tells the story of an extraordinary military event where Canadians made the difference: Bombing raids over Germany, The Italian Campaign, the airdrop of the 1st Canadian Paratroop Battalion, the Jewish Partisan campaign and the battle of  Kap'yong. Through powerful interviews and spectacular high-definition historical footage, WAR  STORY reveals the horror and heroism of battle and survival as never before.

WAR  STORY looks behind the headlines and slogans, exposing the very human side of conflict: the victories and the cost, the love and loss. Through the voices of the footsoldier, the leader, the civilian and the enemy, WAR  STORY provides new and unprecedented insight into stories you thought you knew.