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Open Inquiry Archive seeking nominations for Advisory Board members

Open Inquiry Archive (ISSN 2167-8812, is an independent online project aimed at publishing scholarly occasional papers, working papers, and position papers on topics related to culture, broadly construed. OIA’s mission is to publish writing that is of interest across disciplinary boundaries among the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

OIA is about to complete our second year as an interdisciplinary e-journal and we are ready to complement our current Editorial Advisory Board with a new set of minds and sensibilities to help us serve our readership.

In anticipation of our third year, OIA invites nominations for new board members.

The OIA advisory board consists of volunteers who will serve a two-year term. We desire to represent a diverse group of institutions from a cross section of disciplines in the humanities, as well as from the scholars in the social sciences with a cultural and qualitative-research focus. We seek members with a passion for arts, cultural and the humanities, especially speculative or conceptual explorations of culture-related topics, via open-access publishing.

The board holds occasional meetings online, and communicates via web-based chats. The journal Editors respect that volunteers have other time commitments, and acknowledge that in our streamlined working process.

Interested nominees can forward a brief letter of interest and resume to OIA Editors Kimberlee Cloutier-Blazzard and Gordon Arnold at: editors at For more information, visit or contact the Editors at the aforementioned email.

G. Arnold, PhD
Open Inquiry Archive