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Now Accepting Submissions to Findings/Trouvailles!

Lauren Naus
Findings/Trouvailles is a regular online feature of the Champlain Society that presents an intriguing piece of the Canadian past. Every posting offers a new surprise: an archival document, a piece of correspondence, a baptismal record, an old newspaper report, film footage, a work of art, a sound recording, an object of material culture—even an entire building. Each “finding” or “trouvaille” is the subject of a learned discussion that, in the typical style of Champlain Society publications, illuminates the content and context of the “find.” Through Findings/Trouvailles, the Champlain Society provides everyone with a passion for Canadian history to share their interest in the people and events of the past and to explain how these artifacts speak to them. The items need not be in a Canadian collection, but they should enhance our understanding of Canadian history.
To find out how you can submit your historical "Finding" or "Trouvaille" please visit :
Questions may be directed to Lauren Naus at