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Social Sciences Directory

Social Sciences Directory has been established to address many of the issues facing information provision in the academic sector. These issues include:
• Loss of copyright ownership by authors
• Inflated subscription and annual percentage increases charged by traditional publishers
• The slowness and loss of valuable material through the peer review process
• Fees based on legacy pricing
• The proliferation of publishing output

The global financial crisis and subsequent budget cuts have made the existing model of subscriptions unsustainable. At the same time, for researchers and students raised in the digital era and used to performing keyword searches on databases of content, the notion of scholarly books and journal titles will increasingly become an anachronism. Social Sciences Directory is an encyclopaedic database of research and other content focused on the social sciences, such as:

• Peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters
• Case studies
• Datasets
• Presentations
• Conference proceedings
• Postgraduate dissertations
• Online forums and discussion groups via our blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
• Links to other relevant content such as interviews, news reports, op-eds, video and audio clips The benefits for researchers, students, librarians and consortia: • Speed of publication
• Simplified search format
• Low cost base and affordability
• Use of Open Journal Source software
• Publication of additional material - offering a one stop shop for resources
• Securing revenue in advance of publication rather than trying to recoup costs through subscription
• Unlimited numbers of articles
• Retention of copyright by authors
• Unrestricted access to content

For more information, please visit our website.