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Limited Copies of The Writings of David Thompson, Volume II
are Still Available!


Continuing the celebration David Thompson's travels to the West, the Champlain Society is proud to bring you The Writings of David Thompson, Volume II: The Travels, 1848 Version and Associated Textsedited by William E. Moreau. A limited number of copies are available, so order soon as the first volume of the David Thompson series, The 1850 Travels, is out of print.

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November's Top Downloaded Articles
Journal of Canadian Studies- 161 Downloads.  

"The Inadequate Recognition of Sexual Diversity by Canadian Schools: LGBT Advocacy and Its Impact" by David Rayside. Journal of Canadian Studies - 120 Downloads.

"Quebec, Haiti, and the Deportation Crisis of 1974" by Sean Mills. Canadian Historical Review - 82 Downloads 

Historians on the UTP Journals Blog! 
"William Beveridge and the Dominion Down Under", by Guest Blogger John Stewart.  
"Costa Rica, Coffee, and Communists"by Guest Blogger Graeme Mount.  


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