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AERA Teaching History SIG Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

AERA Teaching History SIG
Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

Call for Nominations (2013 and 2014)

To encourage the participation of graduate students in our community, the Teaching History SIG has established an Award to recognize one paper of outstanding quality by a graduate student presented in our SIG’s program at the AERA annual conference. Conferral of the Award comes with a Certificate of Recognition and $250 USD. This Award is conferred once every two years.

Below are the criteria for eligibility:

· In order to be nominated, a paper must have been presented at the previous conference (2013) or is now accepted to be presented at the next conference (2014) in a symposium, paper, or roundtable session sponsored by the Teaching History SIG
· A nominated paper must be a manuscript written by a graduate student or a multiple-author manuscript with a graduate student as the first author (contributing at least 60% of the writing); a manuscript written by multiple graduate students can be nominated, and the co-authors would share the Award jointly
· The nominated author must be a graduate student whose doctoral degree was not yet completed at the time of the paper proposal was submitted to AERA (July of the year prior to the conference at which it was presented)
· A graduate student may be nominated no more than once per Award cycle, and recipients of this Award are not eligible to apply or be nominated for this same Award in the future
· Nominees do not have to be members of the Teaching History SIG

Below is the process/timeline:

· Nominations by others as well as self-nominations are welcome and must be received by the SIG Chair by December 1, 2013
· Nominations or self-nominations must include 1) the nominee’s name, institution, and email address, 2) an abstract of the eligible paper, and 3) proof of graduate student status (email from the student’s supervisor is acceptable)
· A full manuscript of the nominated paper must be submitted by email (PDF or WORD document stripped of author attribution) to the Chair by January 15, 2014
· Nominated manuscripts will be distributed to the Award Committee (chaired by the SIG Chair as a non-voting member) for blind review and adjudication, and the winner will be decided by February 15, 2014 and notified personally by the Chair via email
· The recipient is expected to attend the next annual conference (Philadelphia, April 3-7, 2014) and the SIG Business Meeting, at which the Award will be publically presented

If you have any questions or a nomination, please contact the Teaching History SIG Chair:

Scott Alan Metzger (Penn State University)
Telephone: (814) 863-4443