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British Journal of Canadian Studies, 26(2) (2013)

Volume 26, Number 2 (2013) of British Journal of Canadian Studies - published by Liverpool University Press on behalf of the British Association for Canadian Studies - is now available on the website at:

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This issue contains:


p. 165

Catherine Bates, Gillian Roberts, Fiona Tolan

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.9<>


'If everything is moving where is here?': Lisa Robertson's Occasional Work on cities, space and impermanence<>

p. 173

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Susan Rudy

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.10<>

Sustainable urban foragings in the Canadian metropolis: rummaging through Rita Wong's Forage and Nicholas Dickner's Nikolski<>

p. 191

Catherine Bates

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.11<>


Italian-Canadian theatre in the spotlight of multiculturalism: La Storia dell'Emigrante (1979), a case study<>

p. 213

Simone Lomartire

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.12<>

My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding: writing Canada for an American theatre audience<>

p. 235

Fiorenza Dossetto

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.13<>


Canadian literature of 'here' and 'elsewhere': CanLit Balkans<>

p. 253

Milena Marinkova

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.14<>


p. 275

Vivien Hughes

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.15<>


Notes on contributors<>

p. 297

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.16<>


Index of Articles and Reviews in Volume 26<>

p. 299

DOI: 10.3828/bjcs.2013.17<>

Jonathan Branney <>