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The Society of American Archivists Comes to Canada!

SAA/ARL Course Series [DAS] - April 21-25, 2014

University of Alberta Libraries - Edmonton, AB - Registration open to all -
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Digital Curation: Creating an Environment for Success - Register here

Digital archives require professional curatorial practices just as paper archives do! In this course you'll discover the differences and similarities between curating paper and electronic records, a system of best practices for digital curation, and review what any institution needs to implement to ensure the success of its own digital curation.

Digital Archives and Libraries - Register here

Digital content finds its way into your archives - either because of efforts to digitize print  collections or because of digitalacquisition.  Are you preparing to receive "born digital" material and want to understand the potential of digital archives and digital libraries?  Is your institution building an institutional repository?

Preserving Digital Archives - Register here

How do you start a digital preservation program? This course is designed to help practitioners move from understanding the core vocabulary, standards, and best practices of digital preservation toward program planning, policy development, and systems evaluation.

Digital Forensics for Archivists, Part I and Part II - Register here

Are you starting to receive disks as parts of collections or have you discovered disks in boxes of paper records? Caring for the records stored on removable storage media (e.g. floppy disks, hard drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, CDs) requires archivists to extract whatever useful information resides on the medium, while avoiding the accidental alteration of data or metadata. In this workshop, you'll learn how to apply existing digital forensics methods and tools in order to recover, preserve and ultimately provide access to born-digital records.

*Early bird registration deadline - April 1!*