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The Journal Monde(s). Histoire, espaces, relations is the first French Journal in Global History. It fosters innovative historical research on international phenomena based on a global perspective, which avoids the pitfalls of an exclusive Western vision of world. The Journal has the ambition to serve as a catalyst for new historical researches on global history coming for the whole span of historiography, in terms of methodology or of geographical focus.

All approaches of global history such as the study of circulations (of ideas, culture, people, goods and money), of networks, of conflicts and or regulations (institutional or informal) are covered.

Each issue is divided in three parts: a long thematical part, several articles with various topics in the Varia section, and a debate on an outstanding book.

Articles are published in French or in English.

The editorial committee welcomes the submission of article  (since the XIXth Century). Each article will be evaluated by an anonymous peer-review process. After approbation, the article will be published in the Varia part.

The editors reserve the right to edit titles and headings of articles and the text of abstracts to harmonize the issue.

You can send your proposal (40.000 / 50.000 characters – including 2 abstracts, footnotes and spaces – no more than 60 notes reserved for references and not comments), and pictures (300dpi definition) to:


More information (instructions for authors, editorial committee) on:

The editorial committee.