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International Journal of Canadian Studies joins UTP publishing program

International Journal of Canadian Studies now available from the University of Toronto Press North York, May 27, 2013: The University of Toronto Press is pleased to announce the addition of International Journal of Canadian Studies to the UTP publishing program, joining a group of distinguished learned journals.

International Journal of Canadian Studies is a bilingual, multidisciplinary, and peer-reviewed journal publishing the latest research in Canadian Studies from around the world. IJCS prides itself in being the only scholarly journal to bring together academic research conducted both by Canadians and academics studying Canada from abroad. International Journal of Canadian Studies provides a common space for Canadianists from across the globe to pursue scholarly questions pertaining to Canada.  Issues feature articles and review essays, offering a comprehensive study of the work being done globally in Canadian Studies. International Journal of Canadian Studies is available for sale at

Recent issues of The International Journal of Canadian Studies:

Francophonies, Interculturality, Cultures and Strategies / Francophonies, interculturalité, cultures et strategies (2012) Americanity, Continentalism and Globalisation / Américanité, continentalité et mondialisation (2011)

Miscellaneous: International Perspectives on Canada / En vrac : perspectives internationales sur le Canada (2011)

Founded in 1901, University of Toronto Press (UTP) is Canada's leading scholarly publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America. UTP publishes approximately 200 new books and 35 journals annually in a wide range of disciplines. A leader in its field, University of Toronto Press Journals Division publishes a wide selection of scholarly journals and magazines in both print and online formats and is dedicated to innovation in publishing and the sustainability of scholarly journals.  The Journals team works hand-in-hand with editors and associations to assist publications in achieving their goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner - resulting in major strides forward in areas such as online peer review systems and online advance publishing.

... UTP is the perfect home for IJCS and its actual readers and future readers. IJCS is committed to publish interdisciplinary work of high quality, by scholars at the national and international levels....It is the perfect fit to make sense of Canada ...

                                                                                               Dr Claude Couture, IJCS Editor-in-Chief


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