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The Residential School Litigation and Settlement

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The Residential School Litigation and Settlement
Guest Editors: Mayo Moran and Kent Roach

University of Toronto Law Journal - Volume 64, Number 4, May 2014

This is the first symposium issue to take an in-depth look at Canada's Aboriginal Residential School litigation which was the largest class action in Canadian history and the innovative agreement that settled it. The volume provides insider and comparative perspectives on the settlement agreement as well as outlining the historical and contemporary context of the residential schools that many Aboriginal people in Canada were required to attend. The issue also includes critical examinations of the litigation and of various features of the settlement itself. It also looks at the larger context including the conduct of lawyers in the litigation.

This issue contains:

Introduction: The Residential School Litigation and Settlement
Mayo Moran, Kent Roach 

Residential schools, respect, and responsibilities for past harms
John Borrows

The settlement process: A personal reflection
Kathleen Mahoney

The role of reparative justice in responding to the legacy of Indian Residential Schools
Mayo Moran

Blaming the victim: Canadian law, causation, and residential schools
Kent Roach

Unsettling the lawyers: Other forms of justice in Indigenous claims of expropriation, abuse, and injustice
Carrie Menkel-Meadow