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BC Museums Association Innovation Committee

Hanno Cho, David Alexander

The BCMA Council has created a new committee focused on innovation, dialogue and social enterprise.  This committee arose from a feedback session with members at the 2012 conference and the scope was refined at a conference session last year.  The committee will be tasked with the following - the full terms of reference are attached. 

•           Act as a liaison between innovators, communities and the members (providing speakers, access to experts, distributing information, and organizing events).

•           Provide an online and in-person platform for dialogue among members with a focus on resource sharing (i.e. joint IT purchase/rentals, grant applications), innovation and ideas.

•           Research and plan innovative social enterprise initiatives tailored for the organization, members and/or the field.

•           Gather, discuss, and disseminate best practices for adoption and integration of new technologies, organizational strategies, partnerships & collaboration.

•           Foster the growth of meaningful local linkages that mitigate risks inherent to innovation, between museums.

•           Advise the Provincial Council.

There are four spots open on the committee, if you are interested, let us know and include what institution you are from, why you are interested and what you would bring to the committee.  As well, if you have questions, give us a shout.  We would like to hold the first meeting in March so looking for a response by the end of February. 

Email us directly at …

Hanno Cho                                                                                                           

David Alexander

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