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Spring 2014 edition of Canadian Issues

The Spring 2014 edition of Canadian Issues will be out shortly, featuring articles by Jean-Pierre Proulx, Jean-Philippe Warren, Paul Bennett, Jean-Philippe Croteau, Erica Neegan, Aïcha Bennimas, Larry Prochner, Amy von Heyking, Paul Axelrod, Michael Welton, Theodore Christou and Garfield Gini-Newman.  We thank all these contributors for this extraordinary edition, and we hope you'll enjoy reading these articles as much as we did!

Starting April 1, 2014, some changes have been made in the way we do things here at ACS.  Most importantly, Canadian Issues will now be published twice a year instead of on a quarterly basis, and will now be available as an electronic version.  It will continue to feature pieces by Canada's leading thinkers and will also continue to be fully bilingual.  Stay tuned for more updates on the themes we will cover in the next year!