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Left Coast Press, Inc. invites manuscripts and inquiries for the Practicing Oral History book series

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Museums, historical societies, libraries, classrooms, cultural institutions, alumni associations, and neighborhood groups  are among the growing list of organizations who use oral history to document and change their own communities. This new series will fill the gap in oral history research and practice by providing concise, instructive books that address the special circumstances of oral history practiced outside the academy. Each title will provide practical tools for conducting and presenting an oral history project that  conforms to the best practices of the Oral History Association while being accessible to community-based organizations who use oral history methods.

Contact the series editor, Nancy MacKay, School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University,  at nancymackay@gmail.comor at the upcoming Oral History Association conference. It is not necessary to have a fully developed idea; we would like to work with you at any stage of your project.  Instructions for submitting a proposal can be found at

Available in this series
Volume 1: Story Bridges: A Guide for Conducting Intergenerational Oral History Projects, Angela Zusman

Of related interest
Community Oral History Toolkit, 5 volumes, Nancy MacKay, Mary Kay Quinlan, Barbara Sommer

Thank you!
Christine Longmuir
Left Coast Press
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