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Maritime Museum of BC announces offer of financial support


The Maritime Museum of BC (MMBC) is excited to announce a conditional offer of financial support by
The TK Foundation to assist with fitting out the lower level of the CPR Steamship Terminal Building for
use as a new location for the Museum. The $500,000 indication is conditional on, among other things,
the MMBC’s successful negotiation of a long?term lease of the space, located on Victoria’s Inner

The TK Foundation is a private independent foundation based in the Bahamas which supports maritime
educational and youth development initiatives around the globe.

The MMBC Society and Board are immensely appreciative of this initiative at this crucial time in the
Museum’s history. The Museum intends to submit an Expression of Interest for a long term lease of the
lower level of the Steamship Building space by the August 24 deadline.

This support is immensely significant in helping the MMBC to secure a long?term home, and in assisting
us to fulfil our mandate to tell BC’s maritime story, in an iconic new location. If a lease can be
successfully negotiated, this generous private financial contribution will be used as the basis for raising
matching funds from the Federal Government and from a local fundraising campaign.

As The TK Foundation’s support is contingent upon the successful negotiation of a long?term lease of the
CPR Steamship space, we encourage the Provincial Government to continue to partner with the MMBC
and the TK Foundation in a public?private partnership to find a mutually agreeable permanent home
consistent with the Province’s historic obligations to the museum.

We are grateful to the Province for its efforts to support the MMBC’s transition from Bastion Square
thus far. We hope that we can reopen the dialogue on finding a long?term home for the Museum in the
CPR Steamship Terminal Building, that would not only help us to be more viable and self?sustaining in
the future, but would also help us to fulfil our mandate to engage with all British Columbians in the story
of our invaluable maritime heritage.