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Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: Studies of Migration, Integration, Equity, and Cultural Survival

Editor: Zvi Bekerman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Associate Editors: Gulbahar H. Beckett, University of Cincinnati

Bruce A. Collet, Bowling Green State University

Christopher J. Frey, Bowling Green State University

Karen Johnson-Weiner, SUNY Potsdam

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Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education

Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal focused on critical discourse and research. The journal is dedicated to researching cultural sustainability in a world increasingly consolidating under national, transnational, and global organizations. It aims to draw attention to, and learn from, the many initiatives being conducted around the globe in support of diaspora, indigenous, and minority education, which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education publishes research from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives that emphasize the centrality of marginal voices and a peripheral gaze. It includes articles which draw attention to the complex interrelations between political, economic, historical, and social contexts, as well as the ways in which these various contexts shape educational policies, practices, curricula, and outcomes. The journal welcomes papers that ground theoretical reflections in specific empirical research and case studies of diverse locations and people as yet underrepresented within scholarly research and literature, as well as action or participatory research studies of exemplary or “best” practices.


Ethnocentric Curricula and the Politics of Minority Incorporation at Tribal and Historically Black Colleges, Wade M. Cole Knowledge From the Fields: A Migrant Farmworker Student’s Community Cultural Wealth, Blanca E. Araujo Indigenous Studies: A Matter of Social Justice; A Matter of Urgency, Nado Aveling Insufficient Language Education Policy: Intercultural Bilingual Education in Chiapas, Ofelia García and Patricia Velasco Facing With Courage Racial and Linguistic Discrimination: The Narrative of an ELL Caribbean Immigrant Living in the U.S. Diaspora, Pierre Wilbert Orelus Alternative Spaces of Learning in East London: Opportunities and Challenges, Raymonde Sneddon and Peter Martin


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