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British Columbia Heritage Fairs Society (BCHFS)



In 2003, the British Columbia Heritage Fairs Society was formed to:

  • promote an awareness and understanding of Canadian history and heritage among students and adults in the province of British Columbia by organizing school, regional and provincial Heritage Fairs.
  • work closely with other organizations and agencies in the province whose goals and activities complement and support the goals of the Society.

In simpler language, it is about bringing people together to make history come alive. Each year some 6,000 students participate and 700 volunteers work with them, their teachers, and community museum staff.




Following elections by the Society's membership at the Annual General Meeting of Saturday, October 17th, 2015, the composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

- Kelsey Beaudry
- Becky Burns
- Graeme Cotton
- Penney Clark
- Judy Dunn
- Evan Fryer
- Michael Gurney
- Jennifer Iredale
- Britney Quail
- Tom Morton
- Cindy Rowell

The Society's Provincial Coordinator is Dr. K. Jane Watt.


At our brief Board meeting following the Society's Annual General Meeting, the following appointments were made:

- Graeme Cotton, Vice-President
- Judy Dunn, Treasurer
- Evan Fryer, Membership Chair
- Michael Gurney, President
- Tom Morton, Secretary
- Britney Quail, Alumni Chair