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Hunt, M. “Teaching Historical Significance.” In Issues in History Teaching, edited by J. Arthur and R. Phillips, 39-53. London: Routledge, 2000.


This chapter examines the implications for history learning of focusing history teaching on chronology, historical inquiry through the use of varied sources, and organization and communication skills.

In relation to teaching a chronology of events, Hunt concludes that centering instruction on the significance of events, changes, and people in history is useful for making the large amount of information students are required to learn manageable. Overall, helping students understand larger themes to which the individual topic is related contributes to students’ learning. Of greatest importance is that teachers find a way to teach the past that students find relevant with their present. Hunt suggests that in order to be successful, teachers should use explanation cards and/or concept cards. The author provides a set of questions that teachers can use along with these cards as well as a list of further reading materials for teachers concerned with improving their history instruction.

Ana Laura Pauchulo