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McRainey, D.Lynn.  “New Directions in Adult Education.”  Journal of Museum Education 33(1) (2008): 33-42.




How are educators moving museums' interpretive goals beyond exhibition galleries? How are programs creating new relationships between a museum and its adult audiences? As plans for physical transformation at the Chicago History Museum took form, the education department launched a parallel process of planning to redefine the "look and feel" for adult learning. With the reopening of the museum in fall 2006, the education department premiered an annual menu of programs designed to reach adult learners and foster exchanges with Chicago. "New Directions in Adult Education" is a new approach to program design that has created a core offering of programs for adult audiences at the museum. This article explores how education can move the interpretive focus in program design away from an exhibition-centered approach to one that is creating new connections between adults, history, and the City.