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Challenger, Melanie. “The ‘Stolen Voices’ Project for the United Nations International Day of Peace, Imperial War Museum, London.” Intercultural Education 18(5) (2007): 501-4.


This article describes the "Stolen Voices" project which developed through detailed discussions with local education authorities and teachers in boroughs across London, UK. These educators and specialists were eloquent in their desire for projects that supplement the curriculum and classroom work on human rights and global citizenship, particularly projects that utilise the imagination of young people, bringing them into contact with people and places outside their usual experience. The purpose of the Stolen Voices Project for International Day of Peace, held in the Imperial War Museum on 21 September 2007, was to bring children face to face with the personal and specifics of historical violence: individuals that have lived through violence in their youth or who have resisted it. The project involved the collaboration between creative practitioners, survivors of conflict, and specialists in intercultural education utilising imaginative and creative processes to engage children actively in the call for a more peaceful future.