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von Heyking, Amy. “Ties that Bind? American Influences on Canadian Education.” Education Canada 44(4) (2004): 30-1, 33-4.


Concerns about the "Americanization" of Canadian schools have been raised frequently throughout the history of Canadian education. Fear of American influence was behind the requirement in the 1816 Common School Act in Upper Canada that all teachers take an oath of allegiance to the Crown. It was the reason for the strong promotion of the colonies' British identity during the era of the establishment of compulsory elementary schooling. But whether close ties between Canadian and American educators were viewed in positive or negative terms, it has never exactly been clear what is "American" about American education. Scholars have yet to write a coherent account of the extent to which Canadian education has been shaped by American values or the American educational experience. This article suggests that Canadian schools have been influenced by many of the same issues that faced American schools.