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Short, Geoffrey, and Bruce Carrington. “The Development of Children's Understanding of Jewish Identity and Culture.” School Psychology International 13(1) (1992): 73-89.


There are many similarities between anti-Semitism and otherforms of ethnic and racial prejudice. Yet while British educationalistshave in recent years given much attention to the impact of racismon people of Afro-Caribbean and South Asian descent, they haveall but ignored the problem of anti-Semitism. There is no researchin Britain on the nature of anti-Semitism in the primary school;and no published evaluation of an initiative to tackle thisform of prejudice in any type of school. The data we presentgo some way towards rectifying this situation. The assumptionunderpinning the data is that no intervention to reduce prejudicecan hope to succeed unless it takes account of children's existingbeliefs and assumptions. Based on semi-structured interviewswith eight to thirteen year olds, we explore the developmentof children's understanding of Jewish identity and culture andconsider related issues. This research forms part of a widerstudy of the extent to which such understanding may vary, interalia, with social class, gender, ethnicity and geographicallocation.


School Psychology International