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Hodkinson, Alan. “Does the English Curriculum for History and its Schemes of Work Effectively Promote Primary-Aged Children’s Assimilation of the Concepts of Historical Time? Some Observations Based on Current Research.” Educational Research 46(2) (2004): 99-117.


This paper critically examines the English National Curriculum (NC) for History and its Schemes of Work's development of temporal cognition within the primary school. In addition, it outlines the findings of a longitudinal research study into Year 4 pupils' assimilation of historical time. The paper contends that the development of historical time concepts within the NC and the Schemes of Work is confused and would seem to be based upon little, if any, empirical findings. It is concluded, based upon the findings from this research study, that the NC and its Schemes of Work do not offer an effective approach to the development of temporal cognition.

Educational Research