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Lutz, John S. and Barbara Neis. "Conclusion." In Making and Moving Knowledge: Interdisciplinary and Community-based Research in a World on the Edge, edited by John S. Lutz and Barbara Neis, 271-8. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2008.


In the Conclusion to this thirteen-essay anthology, Lutz and Neis summarize and synthesize the book’s main ideas, particularly regarding “what is knowledge and how can we act wisely?” within and outside our communities. In analyzing this question, it is deemed that there is a need for individuals in society to self-reflect regarding the uniqueness of their cultures, and recognize that others’ experiences are equally valid. As well, the anthology explores the ideas that knowledge acquisition needs a social context, there are various scales of knowledge production, and trans-disciplinarity can facilitate the acquisition of such knowledge, hopefully leading to greater wisdom being acquired by the individual and the collective. Conclusively, once “we acknowledge the relationship between knowledge, social justice, communication and wisdom we [can] work across the multiple boundaries that divide us.”

Shannon Leggett