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Levstik, Linda S. "Narrative as a Primary Act of Mind." In Researching History Education: Theory, Method and Context, edited by Linda S. Levstik and Keith C. Barton, 1-8. New York: Routledge, 2008.


In this chapter, Linda Levstik reflects on her initial interest in narrative and history learning and discusses the evolution of a research design that suited the context of her research. As part of a collection that aims to make apparent the process and product of history education research, this reflection contextualizes her previously published articles “The Relationship between Historical Response and Narrative in a Sixth-grade Classroom,” and “Building a Sense of History in a First-grade Classroom.” Through this reflection, Levstik points out the subtle differences that informed these articles leading to a more contextualized understanding of her findings.

Samantha Cutrara