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Levstik, Linda S. "Border Crossings." In Researching History Education: Theory, Method and Context, edited by Linda S. Levstik and Keith C. Barton, 355-65. New York: Routledge, 2008.


Linda Levstik reflects on her experience with international research with an emphasis on the complexity of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary work. As part of a collection that aims to make apparent the process and product of history education research, Levstik touches upon how one comes to ask and answer questions related to research when there are differences in social, cultural, or institutional contexts, framing her previously published articles “Crossing Tthe Empty Spaces: Perspective Taking in New Zealand Adolescents’ Understanding of National History” and “Digging for Clues: An Archaeological Exploration of Historical Cognition” co-authored with Gwynn Henderson and Jennifer Schlarb.

Samantha Cutrara