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Kamookak, Louie. "Louie Kamookak on the Franklin Find, Acceptance Speech for Erebus Medal from the Royal Canadian Geographic Society." Canadian Geographic, March 10, 2015. 


Inuit historian Louie Kamookak delivered this acceptance speech for the Erebus Medal from the Royal Canadian Geographic Society for his thirty years of work in the North, most particularly regarding helping to solve one of the “world’s great mysteries” that resulted in the Franklin Find. He acknowledges that his team’s success was due to his collaborative Parks Canada team utilizing Inuit oral history in tandem with the most advanced technology available. He concluded his comments with humour: “I always joke that it was impossible for me to just go out in my kayak and stick my head into the ocean to find it myself. So I was a little surprised to learn that I was wrong. It was only 33 feet deep where Erebus was found...” His new goal is to continue the search for Franklin himself.

Shannon Leggett