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Dick, Lyle. "People and Animals in the Arctic: Mediating between Indigenous and Western Knowledge." In Method and Meaning in Canadian Environmental History, edited by Alan MacEachern and William J Turkel, 75-101. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009.


This chapter analyzes the relationship between humans and the High Arctic environment, particularly those with caribou and muskoxen at the end 19th through 20th century.  Dick focuses his study on the Inuit community at Grise Fiord on Ellesmere Island, and the political ramifications of hunting decisions on the community; both western and Inuit epistemologies are utilized “to facilitate ongoing inquiry and an open-endedness linking the past, present and future.”  Several questions are postulated, most fundamentally, “Will Canada’s western societies respect the rights of aboriginal peoples to manage the resources on which they depend for subsistence and identity?”

Shannon Leggett