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Cunningham, Deborah L. "Capturing Candor: Accessing Teachers' Thinking About the Cultivation of Historical Empathy." In Research Methods in Social Studies Education: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives, edited by Keith C. Barton, 183-206. Greenwich, Connecticut: Information Age, 2006. 


The author begins with a discussion of the doctoral research she completed on historical empathy as taught by history teachers in Britain. The chapter discusses how to evoke the knowledge of historical empathy of experienced teachers for them to teach it to their students. She continues with a description of her research design and the central methodological concern of her research, assessing teachers' tacit knowledge. She traces the literature surrounding how teachers access historical empathy and thinking and illustrates the historical gaps between the theory and practice of teachers. She discusses the key themes and dilemmas in teachers' thinking and multiple data sources were revealed. She then discusses her use of data triangulation and how it added insight to her analysis. She concludes the chapter with a discussion of the methods that contributed most to her research study and her methods for collecting and coding data. 

Erika Smith