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Beardsall, Ken. "Full Interview with Louie Kamookak, The Franklin Mystery: Life & Death in the Arctic." Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History, 2015.


In this interview with Inuit historian Louie Kamookak, Ken Beardsall transcribes Kamookak’s perspective regarding the unique nature of growing up in the community of Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, and specifically on the search for the missing last expedition of Sir John Franklin and his party who were searching for the Northwest Passage. As the individual considered to have been the most involved in the search, Kamookak discusses that his main goal has always been to find Franklin himself (who died June 11, 1847), and that finding the ship occurred as a part of that still unachieved goal. Kamookak’s theories about where Franklin’s crew, the rest of his ships, and his final burial place and/or vault are have been based on Inuit oral histories which have been corroborated with European writings from and about the explorers, as well as his own extensive investigations. He concludes that he hopes to find Franklin so that he can be returned to England to be buried next to his wife, and that “the vault would be a tourist benefit for the community or for students to go see.”

Shannon Leggett