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Barton, Keith C. "Visualizing Time." In Researching History Education: Theory, Method and Context, edited by Linda S. Levstik and Keith C. Barton, 61-70. New York: Routledge, 2008.


Keith Barton reflects on the early relationship between him and Linda Levstik in which he, as a graduate student under Levstik’s supervision, came to review the literature on children’s concepts of time and history. Together they identified gaps in the predominate theory in this field and designed a research project that they felt would show a different dimension of students’ concepts of time and historical chronology. This article is part of a collection that aims to make apparent the process and product of history education research and contextualizes Barton and Levstik’s previously published articles “’Back When God was Around and Everything’: The Development of Children’s Understanding of Historical Time,” and “’They Still Use Some of their Past: Historical Salience in Children’s Chronological Thinking.” Barton also touches upon the role of professional collaboration and theoretical development in relation to this research.

Samantha Cutrara