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Exemplary History Teaching Video Using Historical Thinking Concepts 2010

Janet Thompson and Lawrence Jakoy

4 videos of teachers at Gladstone Secondary School, Vancouver BC

Video 1 - Ms Janet Thompson's classroom (19:02)

This is a video of a Social Studies 11 lesson asking students to consider the question "Does Canada deserve its reputation as a peace-loving nation?" by examining a number of post WWII events from the perspective of which pole--peace or war--they appeared to push Canada towards.

Video 2 - Mr. Lawrence Jakoy's classroom (14:31)

This video features a Social Studies 11 lesson that asks students to consider change over time in Canada's record on racial tolerance over the 20th century. Here in the first of two lessons, the group spends some time defining terms and then students are broken down into groups that move through a number of resource stations examining political cartoons, old newspaper stories, Statistics Canada data, immigration policy details, and sections from the textbook to gather evidence which they jot down on timeline worksheets.

Video 3 - Mr. Lawrence Jakoy's classroom (15:00)

Here in the second part of the lesson, students work in groups to build 'tolerance thermometers' which take the shape of large line graphs where students chart the relative degree of tolerance shown by Canadians towards five specific ethnic groups over the 20th century.

Video 4 - Ms Janet Thompson's classroom (19:11)

This video features a Social Studies 9 lesson in which students classify a series of causes of the Northwest Rebellion that the class had generated in a previous lesson.