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How Do Children Learn History? (redirects to BBC website)
With schools preparing to introduce the revised version of the new curriculum this September [2014], Adam Smith investigates the question that caused perhaps the greatest controversy: what history should primary school pupils study - and how should it be taught?

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (redirects to Active History website)
An interview with Jodi Giesbrecht, manager of research and curation at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, about the geography of the building, the creation of the exhibits, and the challenges of presenting difficult material in an engaging manner.

Commemorations in the National Capital Region: Evolution and Findings (redirects to Active History website)
A roundtable discussing commemorations in and around Ottawa. It took place during the Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting and was chaired by Yves Frenette (Université de Saint-Boniface) and featured Alain Roy (Library and Archives Canada), Nadine Blumer (Concordia), Alan Gordon (Guelph), David Akin (Post Media).

Canadian Mysteries (redirects to Active History website)
Interview with Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History (GUMICH) co-directors John Lutz and Ruth Sandwell.

Isn’t All History Public? Knowledge, Wisdom, and Utility in the Great Age of Storytelling (redirects to Active History website)
Dean Oliver, Director of Research at the Canadian Museum of History, delivered the Keynote Address of the 2015 Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting.

Congress Recap 2015 (redirects to Active History website)
Interview with Michel Duquet, Executive Director of the Canadian Historical Association.

Who Killed Canadian History? (redirects to Cited website)
From the Heritage Minutes/Drake mashup, to Harper’s grand historical narrative; we debate Canadian history and how it ought to be taught.

Historical Research on Canada and Beyond (redirects to Active History website)

African Canadians in the U.S. Civil War (redirects to Active History website)

The Future of the Past: Transmitting History to Future Generations (redirects to Active History website)

Sochi and Beyond: Russia’s Anti-Gay Legislation, Human Rights, and the Practice of History (redirects to Active History website)

Education in Early America (redirects to The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History website)

Canadian Historians and the Media (redirects to Active History website)

Canadian Archives at Risk? (redirects to Active History website)

Nutritional Research and Human Experimentation at the Shubenacadie Indian Residential School in Historical Context, invited lecture by Ian Mosby at Acadia University and the Millbrook First Nation (redirects to Active History website)

2014 CHA Annual Meeting Keynote Address by Ian McKay (redirects to Active History website)

Jocelyn Létourneau on CBC Daybreak Montréal - Youth have negative understanding of Quebec's history
(redirects to CBC website)

Ian McKay - War, Memory and Reaction: Reshaping History in Harper’s Canada (redirects to Active History website)

Environmental History of Atlantic Canada (redirects to NiCHE website)

History Under Harper: A Micro-Lecture Discussion (redirects to Active History website)

Lyle Dick’s CHA Presidential Address 2013 (redirects to Active History website)

Elia Gindin and Shirley Coughlan-Foundations for the Future Charter Academy
South Middle School, Calgary, Alberta - Finalist for the 2013 Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching

(redirects to Canada's History website)