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McGregor, Heather E. Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and the Transformation of High School Education in Nunavut:  Historical and Statistical Profiles. Phase Three 2012 - 2013: History, Background and Statistical Profile of Kugluktuk High School. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island: University of Prince Edward Island. (2014)


In Year Three of a three year report that was written during her time as a Doctoral candidate at UBC where she continued to do research with an ArcticNet grant, McGregor conducts a case study of Kugluktuk High School.  This senior (Gr 10-12) high school is unique due to its “pre-trades optional program” and its “unique approach to connecting community engagement, student pride, stay-in-school incentives, and athletics through the Kugluktuk High School Athletics Association (KHSAA).”  The demographic data in the report construct a school profile that can be used as an exemplar for other Nunavut communities to help them better examine their school systems.

Shannon Leggett