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General Instructional Resources

The instructional resources section includes websites and links to resources designed to help teachers teach history more effectively. The section is organized into general resources for teaching history and more specific subject resources for teaching a variety of topics in Canadian history.

Mary Prince
A slave narrative using historical thinking concepts

THEN/HiER's blog Teaching the Past has links to some excellent teaching resources 

Guide to setting up an Approaching the Past series

Review of Books on Teaching History by John Myers (ClassNotes March 2013)

Teaching World History

General Instructional Resources for Teaching Canadian History

Specific Resources for Teaching Canadian History

1. Canadian History Maps

2. Early European Exploration in North America

3. Early European Settlement in North America
3.1. Acadia
3.2. Colonial British North America

4. European-Aboriginal History
4.1. General Aboriginal History
4.2. Residential Schools

5. The Fur Trade

6. Pioneers and Immigration

7. Canadian Conflicts: Internal and External
7.1. Websites that Focus on Multiple Canadian Conflicts
7.2. Canada’s Military Conflicts 1750-1914
7.3. Canada and World War One: General Sources
7.4. Canada and World War One: Specific Topics
7.5. Canada and World War Two: General Sources
7.6. Canada and World War Two: Specific Topics

8. Politics and Government
8.1. Constitutional History
8.2. Prime Ministers of Canada
8.3. Politics and Government—Miscellaneous

9. Canadian Society
9.1. Canadian Society—General
9.2. Sport in Canadian Society