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Christou, Theodore, and Alan Sears. "Rapprochement: Toward an Inclusive Approach to History and Citizenship Education in Canada." Canadian Issues/Thèmes canadiens (Winter 2010), 17-21.


Democratic societies around the world, including Canada, have made fostering social cohesion a key priority for education generally and citizenship education in particular. In this article we argue that citizenship education is largely failing in that task because it lacks significant attention to history and that history education often seems to forget its civic purposes. We contend that an appropriate integration of the two makes it possible to develop a deep sense of being Canadian without being simplistic, narrow, or final about what that means. Citizenship education and history education should be seen as intertwined, the questions of one discipline enriching the other. Cultivating a spirit of historical mindedness is one means of developing the reflective and critical habits of mind that are essential for any robust definition of Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Issues/Thèmes canadians