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Wayne A. Melvin

Academic Historian




Member for: 4 years 45 weeks

Personal Information

First Name: Wayne
Last Name: Melvin
Institution/Organization: Alexander College
Province/State: British Columbia

I teach Canadian history to international students. Most are from China, India and Korea and few, if any, have English or French as their first language. They typically take the first two years of university-level courses at Alexander College before transferring to UBC, SFU etc. I am looking for innovative ways of introducing these students to Canadian history and to make the subject both interesting and practical to them. Most of them are business oriented students who take history only because they need credits in the Humanities. Most consider history to be one of the most difficult classes they can take. I "try" and win them over to the excitement of the disciline and show them how skills developed in history courses, such as research, critical thinking and essay writing, can be very useful in fields such as business and the sciences. Such is my mission....

Category: Academic Historian

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