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Paul W. Bennett

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Public Historian




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Personal Information

First Name: Paul W.
Last Name: Bennett
Institution/Organization: Schoolhouse Institute / Mount Saint Vincent University
Category: Public Historian
Dr. Paul W. Bennett is Founding Director, Schoolhouse Institute, Halifax, NS. Over the course of a thirty year teaching career, Paul served as Chair of the History Department at Upper Canada College (1980-91) and authored three nationally recognized Canadian history textbooks, including Canada: A North American Nation (1989 and 1995).  As a Canadian history teacher, Paul has been a two-time finalist in the Governor General's Awards for Teaching Excellence and earned an Award of Merit from The Dominion Institute"s Memory Project (2007).  His most recent books are The Grammar School: Striving for Excellence in a Public School World (2009) and Vanishing Schools, Threatened Communities: The Contested Schoolhouse in Maritime Canada, 1850-2010 ( April 2011)