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Pre-Service Teacher


Member for: 5 years 20 weeks

Personal Information

First Name: Nick
Last Name: Brune
Institution/Organization: University of Western Ontario

Lead author of History of Canada Online. Co-author of seven high school texts.


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NAME Nick Prideaux-Brune (Brune)


ADDRESS 33 Cindy Avenue, Cambridge ON N3C 3K9


PHONE/E-MAIL (519) 658-4016; (519) 212-3344 – cell






PLACE/D.O.B. London, England; March 29, 1952




HISTORY Faculty of Education, University of Toronto,

1976-77; Bachelor of Education

University of Toronto, 1975-76; Masters of History (A Standing)

University of Toronto, 1971-75; Honours BA (History/ Poli.Sc.)


AWARDS Halton Excellence Award - 2007

Recipient – Governor General’s Award - 2002

Finalist – Governor General’s Award - 1999

ACE Teaching Award for Creativity - 1998

Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teacher – 1992


Canada Council, 1976

U. of T. Graduate Fellowship, 1975

Elizabeth Mahony Scholarship, 1975

U. of T. Open Fellowship, 1975

University College Scholarship, 1973




EXPERIENCE Instructor – University of Western Ontario (current)

Faculty Advisor – Althouse, Un. of Western Ontario (current)

Online Course Writer & Instructor, Queens University (current)

Faculty Advisor, Nipissing University, 2008-2010

1995- Iroquois Ridge High School, Oakville

1985-1991 M.M. Robinson High School

Burlington; Head of Social Sciences

1978-1985; Oakville Trafalgar High School

1977-1978; Canadian Junior College; Lausanne, Switzerland

1975-77; Woodsworth College & Erindale College, U. of T.



LEADERSHIP Stephen Lewis Foundation/Oakville Million or More, 2006-

John Abbott: 2004 -Victoria, B.C., Birmingham, England,

Halton, TDSB, Ottawa

Workshops: Halifax (2003), Winnipeg (2001); OISE (2001);

Summer Institute,

Montreal (2001); Toronto OHASSTA (many years)

Global Key Process Team - IRHS - 1995-

Associate Teacher, FEUT, 1983 - 2008

Halton Social Science County Executive, 1992-94

Global Education, 1993; Assessment & Evaluation, 1992

Ambassador Speakers Program, 1986-88


PROFESSIONAL ALPHA China Peace & Reconciliation Tour, Summer, 2005

COURSES Summer Institute, Montreal 2001, 2002

Korean Studies Workshop, Summer, 1993

Halton Leadership

Berkowitz Conflict Resolution

Ethics in Journalism

Pratt Curriculum

Visual Arts, Part I, Toronto; French, Part I, St. Pierre


PUBLISHING Carlton Publishing Group (UK), “The Story of Canada” (2010)

Passchendaele (The Movie)

Royal Ontario Museum – “Canadian Heritage Project”

Barbara Jones Media – “Fundamental Freedoms”

Hong Kong Veterans – “The Ten Lessons”


Grade XII History Text (McGraw-Hill Ryerson): Defining

Canada: Culture, Identity, & History (2002)

Dominion Institute: “Crew of Seven”

: “Our Heroes”

: “The Memory Project”

: “Passages to Canada”

: “The Democracy Project”

: “LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture Series”


Grade X Civics Text; Gage: Canadian by


Conviction: Asserting Our Citizenship

Grade VII History Text; McGraw-Hill Ryerson:


Canada: The Story of Our Heritage

Grade VIII History Text; McGraw-Hill Ryerson:

Canada: The Story of a Developing Nation

Ministry of Education; Canada: A North American

Nation Correspondence Course

Canada: A North American Nation

(2nd edition, 1995; 1st edition, 1988); McGraw-Hill Ryerson

“Kitchener-Waterloo Record” “Hamilton Spectator”

Reviewer - Ministry of Education; Oxford; P-H, MHR

Educational Writer, CBC-TV News in Review, 1989-1995



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