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Karen Robert

Academic Historian




Member for: 3 years 2 weeks

Personal Information

First Name: Karen
Last Name: Robert
Institution/Organization: St. Thomas University
Department: History
Address: 51 Dineen Drive
City: Fredericton
Country: Canada
Province/State: New Brunswick
Telephone: 506-452-0466
Category: Academic Historian

I have been teaching Latin American and world history to undergraduate students at St. Thomas University since 2000. My current research examines issues of corporate complicity and human rights in contemporary Argentina, specifically through the history of the Ford Motor Company's collaboration with the military dictatorship that ruled that country from 1976 to 1983. 

I earned my undergraduate degree in history from Queen's University and my PhD from the University of Michigan, where my commitment to history education was recognized through a Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. I helped to develop St. Thomas University's undergraduate curriculum in world history and have taught the introductory survey for many years, as well as thematic courses on topics such as the Atlantic World, the Cold War, and the global history of the automobile. 

I am currently the founding director of the new Institute for World History at St. Thomas, whose mission is to to promote the field of world history by hosting academic conferences, sharing teaching rsources, and fostering collaboration among scholars, teachers, and heritage professionals.

Professional Activities