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First Name: Michael
Last Name: Witwicki
Institution/Organization: Alberta Clipper
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Hi Am Producing a number of Canadian Historical projects, this includes educational compnonets, video interactive displays.Currently working on Sam Steele Project 1 documenatary, book, gigapixel imaging book, & educational componenets, websites

I have enclosed one pager on Sam Steele Project:

The Quest for the Holy Grail of Canadian History
A multi-platform project including documentary film on Sir Sam Steele, the Canadian hero who
played a pivotal role in the seminal events that shaped Canada as it became a nation in the late
nineteenth century and came of age in the early twentieth century. Apart from broadcast, the
documentary will be bundled with a book as a limited edition multi-media edition and will also be
made available in digital media for all mobile applications. In conjunction with making the project
available to Canadian the high school social studies curriculum, a video history game will be
developed. Project to be developed in cooperation with award-winning author and historian
Norman Leach and veteran publisher Dennis Johnson.
Set in Ontario, the West and the North, Sam Steele: Canadian Hero interweaves
contemporary historians’ search for the truth of the man and his legacy with extensive archival
photography, early twentieth century film footage and reenactments.
Potential broadcasters include Discovery Channel Canada, BBC, NHK Japan, FDRTV,
Germany, Channel 4 UK, History Channel Canada, History Channel USA, Access TV Alberta,
CBC, Global Television, City TV, National Film Board, South African Broadcast Company.
In June 2008, the Province of Alberta purchased for $1.8 million the Sam Steele Collection—a
treasure consisting of over 84 cartons of previously unknown official documents, personal letters,
diaries, photographs and personal memorabilia that Sir Sam Steele accumulated throughout his
long and storied career in police and military service on three continents. Commentators have
called the Collection the Holly Grail of Canadian History.
Sam Steele’s life story provides a compelling window on events that shaped Canadian history in
the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
It has been rightly observed that if Sam Steele had not been an actual historical figure it
would have taken Hollywood to invent him. He was born into the social stability of the Victorian
era and Pax Britannica and died amidst the post-war turmoil of the Lost Generation. His
unconventional and, at times, controversial career touched upon many compelling moments in
Canada’s settlement and early development: the Fenian raids, the formation of the North West
Mounted Police, Sitting Bull’s exile in Canada, the construction of the national railroad, the
Northwest (Riel) Rebellion, the opening of the North during the Klondike Gold Rush, Canada’s
role within the British Empire during the Boer War and the nation’s coming of age in the world
during the First World War.
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Michael Witwicki Executive Producer
403 710 2999