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THEN|HiER's First Publication

History Teaching and Learning in Canada: The State of the Art

The first in a series of three books to be edited by THEN/HiER and published by the University of British Columbia Press, History Teaching and Learning in Canada: The State of the Art will include contributions from sixteen scholars and practitioners involved in history education, citizenship education, history research, and museum research. The authors’ range of expertise will be developed in five sections:

  • History and History Education: Contested Terrains
    Ken Osborne, Margaret Conrad, and Jocelyn Letourneau
  • Orientations towards Historical Thinking
    Stéphane Lévesque, Peter Seixas, and Kent den Heyer
  • Classroom Contexts of History Teaching
    Amy von Heyking, Tom Morton, Gerald Friesen, and Ruth Sandwell
  • Other Sites of History Teaching
    Viviane Gosselin, Kevin Kee, and Peter Seixas and Penney Clark
  • Perspectives on Historical Thinking
    Carla Peck, Marc-André Ethier and David Lefrançois, and Alan Sears

An initial symposium was held in February 2009 to discuss the first drafts of the chapters. We anticipate that this first volume will be published in 2010. Subsequent volumes will be published over the next six years.