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Trying to Locate Teachers of Social Justice 12 in BC

The Labour History Project is a joint initiative of the BC Labour Heritage Centre and the BC Teachers’ Federation that is supported by the BC Federation of Labour and the SFU Labour Studies Program. It has established a working group consisting of six teachers who are developing a unit for the Social Justice 12 course on labour history/studies. We would like to field test the unit once it is completed and would also like to have contact with all Social Justice 12 teachers around the province to be able to inform them of implementation plans.  Currently, there is no database of which schools offer Social Justice 12 and contact information for those who teach the course.

If you teach Social Justice 12 or know of someone in your school that does, we would be pleased if you could e-mail the following information to Ken Novakowski at

Name of School and District, name of teacher and e-mail, address for teacher.

This information would be shared with the Social Justice program at the BCTF and used by us for the sole purpose of keeping such teachers informed regarding the unit we are developing for the course on labour history/studies.