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Call for Peer Reviewers – Museological Review: The Global Microphone

Oonagh Quigley

Museological Review (MR) is an online peer-reviewed journal, published annually, by the community of PhD students of the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. Issue 20 will be a global platform – a microphone – to examine research on museums; their influence and agency, the people who work in them and the conversations they generate.

We are seeking Museum Studies Scholars who received their PhD, ideally within in the last two years, or who have already submitted their thesis to serve as peer reviewers. Peer reviewers contribute to the development of an article by using their expert knowledge of the specified research topic to give a constructive evaluation of the article. Both the author and peer reviewer remain anonymous throughout the process, with contact mediated through one of MR editors. English speaking researchers from anywhere in the world with a research interest in any of the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply:


-        Use of film/ cinema for the museum, access, marketing 

-        International collaboration and conservation

-        Artistic practice, museum space, sound 

-        New museology, political tensions, national identity

-        Post-colonialism, museum-based protest, exhibition practice 

-        National crisis, political conflict and the impact on museums 

-        Digital museums, cataloguing, classification, inclusion, online access


The responsibilities of peer reviewers:

-   Provide written feedback on the assigned articles according to the MR reviewing guidelines

-   List, if appropriate, a series of specific comments related to text marked by editors

-   Make recommendations whether the paper is: a) Publishable as it is, b) Publishable with minor corrections, c) Publishable with major corrections, d) Unpublishable

We consider this an excellent opportunity for students wishing to develop their editing skills and to establish a collaboration of PhD students across universities.

Contact Info: 

To be considered or to recommend someone to serve as a peer reviewer for MR, please contact MR editors at with an expression of interest and a short biography (no more than 100 words) as soon as possible.