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THEN/HiER members come from a variety of backgrounds with a range of interests in history education. Browse members by professional affiliation, or click on an individual's last name to learn more. You can sort the directory below by last name, first name, institution, or department (click on the directory heading to sort by that column). To browse the member directory by category, select one or more check boxes and click the Search button.

Last Name First Namesort icon Institution/Organization Department
St. George @Adellle Trent University (Student)
Magney Aaron Harbord CI
Harper Aaron University of New Bunswick
Stout Aaron Lethbridge Collegiate Institute
Paziresh Abbas Iran Payamnoor University
agdal abdel enseignement
sebbah Abdellah 1996
Siby Abdoulaye Ideeclic
Liberatori Abril York University
Paez Ada Archbishop M. C. O'Neill Catholic...
Crymble Adam Network in Canadian History &...
Woelders Adam Pacific Academy/Trinity Western...
Conacher Adam University of Ottawa
blacklock adam Trent University
Goldberg Adara Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
maman ade school of postgraduate, Indonesia...
Nye Adele University of New England Contextual Studies in Education
Gaudet Adrian University of New Brunswick
Alexandropoulou Aggeliki University of Patras
Salah Aicha University of New Brunswick
Benimmas Aïcha Université de Moncton Enseignement au secondaire et ressources humaines
Greenaway Aimee Nanaimo Museum
Onabowale Akayla Trent University
Cornes Al BC Labour Heritage Centre
Fréchette Alain Musée Stewart Action éducative et culturelle / Education and Cultural Programs