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The Champlain Society announces new website feature - Findings/Trouvailles

Findings/Trouvailles, edited by the award-winning author Douglas Hunter, presents an intriguing piece of the Canadian past that has been discovered by a member of the Champlain Society. Each month this feature will offer a new surprise: an archival document, a piece of correspondence, a baptismal record, an old newspaper report, film footage, a work of art, an object of material culture. The Findings will be the subject of a learned discussion (in either official language) that, in the typical style of Champlain Society publications, will illuminate the content and context of the new “find”. Contributions will be informed, but not necessarily scholarly. This month's offering is a discussion of Samuel de Champlain's newly found birth registration by Dr. Janet

Contribute to Findings/Trouvailles
Findings/Trouvailles will provide Champlain Society members with a way to share their passion for the people of the past and explain how these artifacts speak to them. The items need not be in a Canadian collection, but will enhance our understanding of Canadian history.
For more information on how to become a contributor to “Findings/Trouvailles”, contact Mr. Hunter at

University of Toronto Press - Journals Division
5201 Dufferin St.,
Toronto, ON
Canada M3H 5T8